Death is more important than life. Life is just the trivial, just the superficial; death is deeper. Through death you grow to the real life, and through life you only reach death and nothing else.

- Osho
To the keepers of the vision

July 24 2016

In my experience, the Underground Electronic Music Scene is an enclave for creative freedom, experimentation, and prolific connections; a place we go to step outside of the system and immerse ourselves in artistic expression and movement.

As our culture gains mainstream influence, big business starts to infiltrate, along with the commodification of our sound, taste, and style. At this point, creative expression is dumbed-down, diluted, & manipulated by the dollar. What was once an innovative, expansive, & stimulating atmosphere becomes narrow, commercialized, & monetized.

Ironically, it is this very environment that has inspired a shift in my focus; a spark to create something unique to my own idiosyncrasies, expressing from deeper within what I sense of the world at large.

During my life I've felt more often than not that something in our culture was...off. As if we had somehow missed the point, that a life spent chasing gain and the almighty dollar was both futile and one-dimensional. I began actively searching for magic, mystery, and meaning some 20 or so years ago. During this time I dove headlong into Buddhism, at one point even strongly considering monkhood.

In Buddhism the word "Arahant" translates as "Slayer of Demons" or "the Deathless one", and was a title given to one who had achieved enlightenment. It was here that I drew inspiration for the namesake of my new collaborative project. It captures what I feel a lot of us have been searching for in our attraction to underground culture and the transformational festival scene.

DEATHLESS' innovation embraces the demons of our present everyday lives, utilizing the pressures and negativity as raw material to stimulate and awaken our desire for our birth right~ freedom. Through the use of Light, Sound, Image, and Lyrics, my Crew & I aim to create a deeply engaging "happening", redefining and reclaiming a new chapter in the Underground Electronic Music Culture.

Please accept the first EP "Through Death United" to download as a gift, accompanied by the video for "We Wont Go Away". Share, spread the word, and keep the scene sacred. You are the revolution.

Peace & Love
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